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Sealing Kitchen Sink



At K&C Plumbing, we’re not just fixing pipes; we're building timeless bathrooms that stand the test of time. Our experience has led us to develop a tried-and-true process designed to turn your ideas into reality.

Solid Foundations, Lasting Results

Our process begins with understanding your vision. From the initial spark of an idea to the finalized design, we take the time to address your questions, ensuring a blueprint that aligns perfectly with your expectations.

Behind every stunning bathroom is a foundation of expert plumbing. Our team ensures that the infrastructure is not just reliable but built to last. No shortcuts – just meticulous work that delivers a bathroom designed for your life that maximizes your home's potential.


Ready to kick off your bathroom transformation journey with K&C Plumbing? Let's walk you through our process:

  • Phone Call
    We'll begin with a friendly phone call to dive into your vision. Whether you're thinking of a simple fixture update or a full-scale renovation, we're all ears, ready to answer your questions and give you a glimpse into how we can bring your bathroom aspirations to life.
  • Free Estimates
    For those simple yet transformative projects, our free estimate service is designed to breathe new life into your space. Whether you have a drawn plan already prepared or just need to replace existing features, our transparent conversation sets the stage for your renovation journey – no hidden fees, just clear insights.
  • Design
    Interior Design Consult Kickstart your bathroom renovation journey with a paid consultation alongside a licensed interior designer. Our initial consultation fee with our design partner is $170+tax. During this session, you can share your thoughts, inspirations, and even the Pinterest board you've been curating! Design and Fixture Selections Building upon the insights gained during the consultation, our designer will curate a selection of designs and fixtures tailored specifically to your project. Whether it's finding the perfect faucet to complement your aesthetic or selecting the ideal tile to tie the room together, we'll guide you through the selection process. Through a series of meetings, we'll delve into your color schemes, fixture options, tastes, preferences, and lifestyle, working collaboratively to develop a comprehensive plan for your dream project. Project Estimate Once the plans are in place, we provide a detailed project estimate. No hidden costs, no surprises – just a comprehensive breakdown of the investment required to turn your vision into reality. This step ensures that you have a clear understanding of the financial aspects before we embark on the journey of bringing your dream project to life. You’ll also have the option to purchase scaled plans from our designer of a quality required to pull necessary permits.
  • Renovation Agreement
    When it's time to turn plans into reality, we'll have a renovation meeting. We'll guide you through terms, collect signatures, the project deposit, and answer any questions. A lockbox will be placed onsite to allow contractors access during the project.
  • Pre-Construction Meeting
    This collaborative session with our contractors is designed to lay the groundwork for a seamless and successful project. We’ll develop a comprehensive timeline for your project and make sure every member of the team has what they need to proceed.
  • Construction
    The work begins! From laying the groundwork to the final finishing touches, our team will bring your dream bathroom to life with care and commitment to quality craftsmanship every step along the way. All relevant inspections will be taken care of, and we’ll bring in a professional post-construction cleaning crew when work is complete, leaving your space ready for you to enjoy.
  • Client Walkthrough
    Before presenting the final result to you, our team conducts a comprehensive walk-through. We inspect every detail and provide any necessary touch-ups to ensure your new space aligns with our commitment to excellence. We then arrange a client walk-through, officially presenting your transformed space.
  • Project Handover
    With your renovation complete, we take care of final payments and have a project debrief, a chance to reflect on the journey, discuss any aspects of the project that stood out, and address any final questions or concerns you may have. We value your feedback and use this opportunity to ensure that your expectations have been not only met but exceeded.
  • Warranty & Support
    We stand by our work and are here to assist with warranty and support. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we hope to be your plumbers of choice for life, always ready to help with any projects in the future, big or small, and always with preference in our schedule.

At K&C Plumbing, every step is guided by our commitment to excellence, friendliness, and a lasting client relationship. We look forward to making your bathroom dreams a reality!

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