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No matter how gorgeous the finish, a bathroom won’t last without solid plumbing behind the scenes. Don’t let a quick flip or shoddy finish become next year’s problem. We at K&C Plumbing have the training and expertise to take your project from your first idea or Pinterest board through the behind-the-walls infrastructure and on to painting, tiling, or whatever else your bathroom requires.


K&C Plumbing is your local female-owned plumbing company, serving Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. Our family-operated business takes the time to do the job right, with local know-how, competitive rates and a personalized approach you just won’t get from the big guys.


Whether adding a new bathroom or expanding or updating existing spaces, we’ll find the right solution for your home and needs. Two-piece, three-piece, four-piece or more; ensuite, powder room or spa-worthy getaway – our experts can guide you through the best way to use your existing space and maximize your home’s potential.

Our beginnings:

We began working on creating our business in 2020. Assembling a team, creating good customer relationships and becoming a licensed plumbing contractor in the city of Winnipeg. We started to build our own portfolio with small service jobs, water treatment systems, and residential renovations until we could find our footing and purchase the equipment needed for a plumbing company to run effectively.


We incorporated officially as "K and C Plumbing Inc." (Kristina and Cathlynn Plumbing) September 1 2022 and solidified our company and values in our USA as Winnipeg's female-owned and led plumbing company.  As a new corporation, our first job was working with infill and custom home builders. From there we plan to keep engaging with the Winnipeg Construction community as well as expand our presence in renovations and the service plumbing industries.

Our Directorate:
Kristina Gudz

Graduated from Garden City Collegiate in 2007 before attending the University of Winnipeg and starting her career working in property management. In her tenure as a property manager, Kristina negotiated and managed renovation projects, contractors and condo corporations across thousands of living units and multiple properties. She is the proud mother of twin girls, an outspoken advocate of animal rights, and a devoted, capable business owner.

Cathlynn Rule

Graduated from high school in 2010 before going on to attend Red River College. She was brought up in the property management industry working to maintain and oversee one of her family's apartment buildings as well as working with Shindico in commercial property management. She would later take steps and enter the medical field as a healthcare aid looking out for Winnipeg's vulnerable and elderly population. Cathlynn is the mother of 3 sons and works meticulously on every project under her purview balancing all aspects of her life efficiently and effectively.

Both Kristina and Cathlynn are our inspirations, our company's namesake and strong women who can be proud to inspire future generations of women coming up and wanting to enter business.


As a service company, we believe in empowering every homeowner to make the best possible decisions for them and their home by staying up-to-date on code and technology changes in our industry and by working to fully inform on all available options and outcomes for each service or improvement decision you make about your home. 

As a female owned business, we believe in empowering women to thrive in industry and pursue success in management. We have enshrined these values in our shareholders agreement to ensure that regardless of growth, women maintain a minimum 50% representation in our executive board, and that a minimum 70% of available shares in our company must continue to be female owned.


We will continue to work diligently to provide our customers with the best quality products and services available for their home or business plumbing projects. We warranty all work products and provided materials, as well as carry valid and up-to-date liability insurance coverage to give your home added protection, and our customers added confidence in choosing K & C Plumbing for their project.


We believe in our product; we believe in our industry, and we believe that the best way to strengthen and improve the Manitoban construction and service plumbing industries is through leading by example. Valuing quality workmanship over a quick turnover. Allowing for adequate staff and time to complete projects on schedule and on budget. Standing by our estimates, and providing regular communication with our customers on their projects, and the solutions we provide to help it move smoothly from start to finish.


As professionals, as employers, and as industry representatives we believe we have a responsibility to our community to give our best and leave every job as the best possible version of itself. We do this through promoting fairness in our hiring practices, diversity in our thought processes and attentiveness to our social responsibilities in all of our approaches to work.

Safe Work:

K and C Plumbing is committed to promoting a culture of safety and responsibility on our job sites. We do this by encouraging our employees to seek out training in job-related safe work practices, have an in-depth safety manual and protocol which are made available to employees, and perform regular internal safety audits to ensure our sites remain places everyone can feel confident about--because the most important part of work is knowing at the end of the day you can count on getting home safe to your family.

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